3 Maverick Movie Award Nominations | Fantastic Planet Film Festival Official Selection 


 PROMISED (2012) 

(A Short Film by Bulent Ozdemir)


"Impressive is too small a word" - JMK (4K London) 



Prior to the creation of Man, one Archangel knelt before another, bowed his head and made a promise never to change his view of him, no matter what happened.

Set in a real world environment, the story thrusts you into the aftermath of a broken promise between Archangel Michael and his closest brother in arms Lucifer. Feeling betrayed, Michael places the fate of Man in his own hands. 

Run Time: 10 Mins

Genre: Dark Fantasy | Supernatural

Logline: A broken promise between Archangel Michael and Lucifer threatens the birth of Man 

Parental Guidance: Mature



Written, Produced, Cinematography, Directed and Edited by: 

Bulent Ozdemir



Alan Stenson (Michael)

Andrew Dowbiggin (Lucifer)

Remie Purtill-Clarke (Faith)


Makeup | Sound Recordist:

Annarita Melina


Location Manager: 

Halime Ozdemir



Saul James






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Fantastic Planet Film Festival (Sydney) 




 Horror Hothouse



PROMISED - A True Collaboration


3 out of the 5 people in the above picture are actors. The remaining 2 (plus the person taking the picture) are crew. We had a shoe string budget for food, a donation that I made personally to the location and balls the size of monkey fists. (More)


Status: Pending Online Launch



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