"Made me freak out! Wonderful job." - Marc Omeyer (Screenwriter)


SETBACK (2011)

(A Short Film by Bulent Ozdemir)

A day in a mans like who through a series of baffling events discovers the body of a murdered young female. Though he informs the relevant authorities, he finds himself locked up and protesting his innocence over the brutal crime. 

Run Time: 8 Mins

Genre: Psychological Thriller

Parental Guidance: Mature


Written, Produced, Directed and Edited by: 

Bulent Ozdemir



Andrew Dowbiggin (Man)

Joanna Howden (Tourist)

Nick Ticehurst (Detective)

Colin J. Appleby (Doctor)


Annarita Melina



Samuel Pearce


Sound Recordist:

Mark Andrew



Saul James



 Meet The Cast 





Setback Official Trailer #2 







 SETBACK - Journey from Script to Screen (Pt2)



An Idea, a germ of an Idea forms. It lingers. Asks questions. Born out of the beating my brain's taken from the Sci Fi script I'm writing, it grows by itself. Something completely different. Grab a pen. A pad.

Words spew out onto white space and bleed into each other as my hand tries to keep up. Not sure if it's me writing the story or the Pen. It screams across the pages like a crazed dog with a hot pepper shoved up its ass. To take a breath would be an insult. (More)





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